Don’t Quit on Your Dreams!

Persistence. . . firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition, the continued or prolonged existence of something.


There will be naysayers, haters, unbelievers, and those who say, and think you can do what you’ve set your mind to do.  One of them, the loudest and worst critic – will be you!  That voice that lives inside your head will remind you of all your past failures.  That voice has all the reasons you should not go forward and that you cannot succeed.  It warns you of danger and risk, and gives you a pass (an excuse) to quit.  That voice can make you feel OK about quitting or never trying, convincing you that it really is better to be safe than sorry.

“you aren’t meant to be thin, your family is big boned”

“if it’s such a good idea why hasn’t someone else already done it” or

“someone has already done that”

“it’s better to stay where you are at least you know what to expect”

“better to have a paycheck than risk losing money on a business venture”

“I’m too old to . . .”

If you are “pregnant” with a dream or idea, in your 1st trimester only you will know.  No one else will believe it’s really alive.  Only you can nurture it and bring it to life.  If you continue to nurture your “seed of inspiration” it will grow and “show.” Only when you near the end, after persisting through months (if not years) of growth and pain will the world see you have given birth!  ~Wise words given to me when I lacked confidence in my vision.

Do you want to get healthy, start a business, change careers, make a life change, create something unique, invent, write, inspire, live your purpose? Then do it.  Someone else has overcome the doubt and fear and pursued their dream and so can you! Find them and learn from them.

I have not succeeded in all of my goals. But I am closer than I was before I  started; and now that I’ve started I will not quit.

There was a time when all I had was a bunch of hopes and dreams bottled up inside my disappointment.  I convinced myself they were impossible to achieve.  But someone told me if those seeds were nurtured they would grow!

That’s when I became a student of success and began to seek out people who were also searching for more out of life.   Now I believe if someone else can change and succeed then so can I.   So can you!  But the difference between wanting to change and actually succeeding is persistence.

No matter what pain, obstacles, doubts or fears you come up against, you have to keep going! And. . . just know this – if you really mean to change then the pain, obstacles, doubts and fears are inevitable.  The only way to be worthy of the success that awaits you is persist in spite of those challenges.

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