Purge: Getting Rid of the Junk that has you STUCK



. . . to clear a space of something unclean or unwanted, to remove or eliminate, to rid a person or thing of  something unwanted, to remove something unwanted, to clear a person of a charge, to evacuate or empty, to clear, to delete. 

So is it time to purge the junk out your trunk or …

  • your house
  • your car
  • your body
  • your pantry
  • your purse
  • your freezer
  • your drawers
  • your bowels
  • your friends
  • your family
  • your books
  • your mind
  • your heart
  • your memories
  • your thoughts
  • your limits
  • your fears
  • your life!

EXHALE all that unwanted, harmful, unclean, unwelcomed, unproductive garbage and the thoughts that destroy and INHALE new hopes, dreams, affirmations and inspirations!

What is in your life that doesn’t feel good.  Take a minute to sit quietly and think about it.  Then take action.  Get rid of it or him or her.  If nothing else, grab a trash bag, fill it up and throw out some jumk.  

More on PURGING later.

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