Words have Power – Believe with Caution


Empowering, belittling, informing, confusing, degrading, inspiring, believable, impossible, transforming. . .

Words have power!

Everyone hears them, and everyone is influenced by them.  Maybe they were words spoken, or maybe they were words never spoken but longed for.   Words spoken intentionally, or in ignorance, for good or for evil; once they are out they live forever.  They can’t be retracted, though some try.  They know their purpose, the intent for which they were delivered, and so they go forth and remain forever ringing in the ears of the hearer.  Transforming lives for better or worse.

We are what we hear and believe even if it what we believe isn’t necessarily true.  Spoken and internalized and it becomes reality. This is true of the words other people say to and about us and it’s true of the words we say to ourselves.   The words flow forth and become our life.

Be careful what you say, and be extra careful what you believe. . .

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