Finding Your Inspiration

mountain view

Inspiration is a divine influence, to receive and communicate sacred revelation,  the action or power of moving the intellect or emotion, the act of influencing or suggesting opinions, causing people to want to do or create something or to lead better lives

It happened one day almost 20 years ago.

I was thinking/praying/visualizing/daydreaming/imagining/hoping and I got an idea.  I got the idea I was searching for and said to myself, “I’m so INSPIRED!” Straight to my journal I ran and recorded my ideas.  That day my business “Sew Inspired” and later a print newsletter, “The Inspired Life” was born!

Since then, I’ve loved the word “Inspiration,” considering myself an “Inspired”  person –  one who is filled with ideas and visions and hope planted by a divine, infinite and intelligent God.

But life happens. I’ve been Inspired and deep in despair!  Inspiration comes like waves then drifts out with the tide.  Sometimes Inspiration is killed by circumstances, limiting beliefs and traditions.

No matter how low I go or uninspired my life gets.  Inspiration returns!!!!  I find it in a well timed word, phrase, or comment.   I find it in the sky, in the trees, and in everything from the seeds to the weeds in my garden.  Inspiration speaks and I listen.

What’s your source for inspiration?

When I was inspired, the seeds of God’s purpose for my life began to sprout.  The journey and the challenge is to nurture them with truth, empowering beliefs, positive people, good books and optimism.  Even when the winters of life kill the inspiration we have to remember spring returns and brings with it new life.  Sometimes you have to wait, or prune, or feed, or all of the above. But it will return!

This isn’t easy. . . I know!

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Listen to the world for repeating, messages, words and ideas – inspiration is everywhere!
  2. Practice meditation – learn to be quiet, breath deep and listen the still small voice.
  3. Read books about you or a question or a challenge you have.  I promise you’ll find one.
  4. Journal – write your hopes, and everything you hear.
  5. Surround yourself with encouraging, positive people – purge toxic people.
  6. Get involved in a pro-active community. Join a club, meet-up or support group for people trying to do what you’re doing.
  7. Find a place outside where you can watch the sky and observe nature.

Let me know what you hear.

About me and this photo:  I visited this mountain overlook with a broken heart.  My life was in the struggle!  My oldest son had just joined the United States Air Force on the other side of that mountain.  All the things I built my life on were toppled over in a heap.   I sat and cried into the heavens from this mountain overlook.  Not one tourist stopped.  I sat alone with God.  I felt alone in a world too big.  High up on that mountain I was as low as I could go.  So, I let myself unravel up there.  Shamelessly, I just kept pulling and pulling and pulling at the threads of me and let it all come apart.  When I was finished I gathered myself up, wiped my eyes and drove down the mountain, Inspired. . .  to be continued. 


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