Bad Food Mood? These easy habits will put you in a better mood.

Untitled designIs it the food that creates the mood or the mood that craves the food?

When I’m pms’g, angry, feeling sorry for myself or just in a bad mood; I crave creamy, crunchy or anything brown.  Golden potato chips, crispy fried anything and especially rich milk chocolate. Knowing it won’t solve the problem but hoping it will at least elevate my mood.

At first I do feel better. However, when the buzz fades, my body hates me for all the salt, sugar and fat it has to deal with.   I’m left feeling bloated, heavy, lethargic and my mood is worse.

It is a fact It’s so hard to admit but eating clean, green and lean makes me feel so much better.  My body feels light, energetic, and nourished.

The power to reject the instant gratification of chips and choose something nourishing is an act of self love and care.  And when I feel like I’m loving me, I love me even more.  It’s euphoric when I’m in that “zone” making loving choices and taking care of me.

One simple loving choice like drinking water as soon as I get up easily leads to another.  If start my day in workout clothes, I will grab my headphones and music and exercise and then naturally a green smoothie follows.  After some movement it’s easy to pack a healthy snack.

It’s just as easy to stagger to the kitchen for coffee and a head straight to my computer.  Hours later I’ve skipped breakfast, exercise, quiet time and ooops, “look at the time!” Now I’m rushed. . . hours later I need a quick bag of chips and moment a catch my breath.

So why do I leave that zone and go back to junking?

It’s the HABITS!  When I break the routine that works and default back into the bad habits, they create the bad mood and the mood craves the food, then food creates the mood and mood creates the habit.

Here’s my easy – no fail –  morning routine:

#1 – Wake up and hydrate, drink a big jug of water before anything else – we wake up dehydrated.

#2  – Drink a green smoothie or fresh juice – liquid nutrition is assimilated quickly(I prep the ingredients in bags)

#3 – Spend some quiet, meditation or prayer time before you take on the day-Don’t skip this!!!!!

#4 – Pack healthy snacks and lunch – fruit and single serve nuts, popcorn, or snacks help you avoid poor choices

#5 – Exercise – even it its just 15 minutes.  (Hate to admit this one really works)

When I do this every day my body, mind and mood thank me, I’m more productive and positive and more in control of my choices!  

So here I am. . . ending 2015 in a “bad food mood” with more aches, pains and weight and very little energy.

Some of it I attribute to “HOLIDAY” indulgence.  The HoliDAY has become a Holi-MONTH.  Some is from habitual poor choices. But when you know better you gotta do better!!!!!

This is NOT a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!  It’s a loving reminder from ME to ME and a challenge to you to stop right now, make one simple choice that will lead to another, and get back on plan.  You too can stop if you are in a bad food mood, and do one loving act of kindness to show yourself some love.  It will lead to another.  You don’t have to do it alone, love yourself enough to get help if you need it.   

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