Yeah But: quitting these two words to unlock your potential

Yeah but

Yeah but. . .” two small words that can sabotage any lesson, idea, or possibly you put before them.  My dad was a very wise man.  He was always encouraging me to think and act outside the box and “never follow the herd.”   Often when he was trying to make a point or get me to see a vision, I would interject “yeah but. . . ” and he would shake his head, throw up his hands and cut me off.   Then he’d start over and I’d again if I said “yeah but” he would cut me off.  It was sooooo frustrating that he would never let me finish – not until I removed the but and just tried to listen, learn and believe!

Many of the best lessons and opportunities that have come my way,  I once Yeah Butt’d. And I missed them!   

What my dad was trying to teach me was that – in that moment when any lesson, idea or opportunity comes  you have the power in your mouth to receive the possibility or immediately reject any hope of it.

Dad and I discussed a lot of ideas and ventures.  They were lively discussions we both enjoyed but one thing he stressed was to be very careful with the words I chose to use in any situation because those words inevitably shaped my thinking, beliefs and my my actions.  What he also knew was that once the doubt behind the yeah but was expressed out loud, they would manifest.

If you start with Yeah But your subconsciousness begins to search for reasons to support it.  Your brain engages all your senses, looking, listening and always waiting to support your belief.

Just like when you have some involvement or new awareness of a particular make and model of a car, then suddenly you start seeing them everywhere.  There are no more of that make and model than before but you become more aware of them, while ignoring all the others that have no relevance.

Does this mean you embrace every lesson, idea  or opportunity as a keeper?  NO!

What this does mean is this:

  • you have the power in your speech to either embrace lessons, ideas, or opportunities as well as dash them forever.
  • you don’t have to embrace the idea just to consider it.
  • more lessons, ideas, and opportunities will come knocking if you remove “yeah but” from the front door.
  • yeah but is a habit that can be broken


  • stop, listen, wait, think
  • now say “OK, I’m willing to think about that”
  • be open and willing to give it consideration
  • trust the universal Law of Attraction and watch and wait.
  • you will hear it and see it again
  • be open and willing to learn – if its for you, you will know it.  If its not you will know that too.


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