Women, Inspire Women

 friendship-1057660_1280As families and roles are evolving women have more rights, power, equality and independence than ever before in history.  However as we gain independence we loose interdependence.  Most of us have close friends and family but it gets lonely when the women in our lives are on the fringes.  We don’t live in communities of family and close kin supporting each other like we did years ago.

I’m referring to a time when my mother was a child and extended families stayed in close proximity. Children where born and raised with the help of grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, godmothers and close family friends.  Age and wisdom were respected in those days and young people relied on the teaching of their seniors and the wisdom of their ancestors.  Not anymore!!!! Now young people know everything and old people are “outdated” and obsolete. I digress…

I’m all about being a bad@#$ independent super woman, and I’m thankful we have have evolved in our roles.  But women are relational, emotional and communicative and we need each other.  We are knit by the power to nurture life in our wombs and often in sync by the timing of our cycles.  We carry and nurture ideas same way we do children.  We gain strength and courage from communing with each other.

In the book and later the movie the The Red Tent by Anita Diamont women came together in the tent monthly to commune and fellowship.  They laughed and cried, they shared knowledge and secrets passed down from generation to generation.  No matter where they went they carried the lessons and the combined strength of the sisterhood!

I hope you have a group of women that you can be pure and honest with and a time and place where you can come together and bare your raw emotions and find strength to carry on.

I hope that as women we will begin to see other women as part of sisterhood  – without judgement.

I hope that we can stop competing with each other and start supporting each other.

I hope that this will encourage you to gather your “soul sisters” and commit to commune!!!

My mother, daughters, granddaughter and I represent four generations of women.  We made a deliberate agreement to unite and are committed to supporting each other in life and business.  In addition, I have a soul sister.  We are woven together by years of joy and tears.  Her love and friendship lead me through dark days that I couldn’t have walked through alone.    Regardless of the men in our respective lives our commitment is unconditional.  We have seen each other “emotionally” naked –  when I am weak I lean on these women and when they are weak they can lean on me.  


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