Plans Fail and Opportunity Blossoms – Cultivate Change!

seed of changePlan B failed so when the rainy day of decision arrived I did what was already planted in my heart, I let my tired old limiting beliefs kill the whole DREAM.

I used to think that raising a family, being a wife, homeschooling my kids and keeping my home were my calling, my priority.   I was right.

I used to own a business, because I believed a woman could and should continue being industrious and productive and earn money while still being a stay at home mom.  I was right.

I read that the Proverbs 31 woman was a wife, mom, homemaker and entrepreneur. I was right.

So when my business became too much with 5 children at home, I concluded:  I must put my family first, everything has its season, therefore I have to quit and wait to do this later.  Was I right?

15 years later. . .

I revisit that decision and realize I never considered plan C – CHANGE.

I believed it was impossible.  I was wrong!

When plan A doesn’t work we try plan B but when that fails what happens next depends on what seeds are laying dormant in your heart.

It was time for my business to grow – not die.   CHANGE it, CULTIVATE it, but I didn’t need to KILL it.

Unfortunately, It never occurred to me to CHANGE because these powerful seed words were laying dormant in my heartQUIT, CAN’T, SHOULDN’T and COULDN’T. When the rainy day of decision arrived to water my soil –  I did what was already planted in my heart.

“Opportunity has a way of disguising itself as misfortune or temporary defeat

– that’s why so many people don’t recognize it.”

~Napoleon Hill

What are you thinking, what are you planting, what seeds are you allowing to drift in on the wind of other’s people s criticism, or sneak in on the bottoms of other people’s feet, what seeds of old limiting beliefs lay dormant in your heart, what scripts are you reciting to yourself that keep you from being able to change and realize your dreams?

What do you believe, what do you expect, what do you hope. . . what’s possible, what’s impossible, what have you already decided in your beliefs?

Weed out fear and doubt and fix your mind on the vision of our success.  Now cultivate the change that will turn your setbacks into stepping-stones.

  • CHANGE is disruptive
  • CHANGE is uncomfortable
  • CHANGE is not easy
  • CHANGE requires risk
  • CHANGE requires learning something new
  • CHANGE requires faith
  • CHANGE requires courage

CHANGE demands we make a decision to do something so different and out of our current comfort that the thought of it scares us to death.  CHANGE often has to be forced upon us by loss or pain.  No wonder we avoid it.  IT HURTS!!!!

However, that CHANGE can be the catalyst for our greatest triumph.

Do you need to make a CHANGE?

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