About Me

I am a writer, adult educator and entrepreneur.  I love reading words, speaking words, writing words and collecting words.  The Universe waves words like signs to let me know God hears me.

I graduated from high school at 17, went directly to college, graduated six years later, then got married and had my first child in the first year.  Yeah! It was fast.  26 years later, I am still married to my husband and we have five children.  Three are on their own and only two remain at home.  After homeschooling all of them I put my last two in public school for high school.   Throughout the years as a stay at home mom I gardened, canned, cooked fresh hot meals from scratch every day, baked fresh ground whole wheat bread and kept my home full time with no regrets.

But I am no longer that woman.  I have evolved!


I love the Beach

Now that my nest is almost empty  – I am finally rediscovering and loving me.  The roles that once defined me are naturally falling away and with optimism I look forward to next half of my life living an inspired life of passion, purpose and full potential

My journey here has not been easy, and it is not over.  I’ve had sorrow and joy but I’ve never been alone.  When I’m weak I lean on a sister and when I’m strong she leans on me, and God sees us all.  For generations girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters have had an intimate dialog, a woman to woman whisper passing on wisdom and power.  It’s what we do.

In Word Inspired is a collection of word-centric  “WOMANISMS” and life lessons,  wisdom and secrets of success,  straight talk, reality checks,  tips and treasures to inspire your quest to the ultimate you!  It’s what we do!